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2018-янв-13 9/878 Electronic Music Kitaro Silk Road - Ten Jiku Japan Sound Design 1342-5(28SD) 2000,00
2018-янв-13 4/931 Rock A-F Creedence Clearwater Revival Willy And The Poor Boys Japan Liberty LP-8880 4000,00
2018-янв-13 6/6619 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Uriah Heep Look At Yourself Japan Bronze P-10023B 5000,00
2018-янв-13 32/808 Easy Listening Vocalists Boone Pat Boone Pat Story vol. 1 - Many Sides Of Boone Pat Japan Dot SJET 7421 2000,00
2018-янв-13 5/5437 Rock G-P Related Projects Gov't Mule Dark Side Of The Mule EU Provogue PRD 7446 1 3000,00
2018-янв-13 37/526 Russian Immigrants Russian Songwriters Барашков Лев Я все память листаю... Песни Визбора Юрия Россия Мелодия (Апрел.завод) С60 29617 006 400,00
2018-янв-13 37/744 Russian Immigrants Russian Songwriters Визбор Юрий Наполним Музыкой Сердца Россия Мелодия (Апрел.завод) М60 46691 000 180,00
2018-янв-13 37/575 Russian Immigrants Russian Songwriters Визбор Юрий Наполним Музыкой Сердца Россия Мелодия (Моск. оп. завод "Грамзапись") М60 46691 000 180,00
2018-янв-13 37/240 Russian Immigrants Russian Songwriters Визбор Юрий Наполним Музыкой Сердца Россия Мелодия (Апрел.завод) М60 46691 000 180,00
2018-янв-13 32/3737 Easy Listening Vocalists Belafonte Harry Belafonte US RCA Victor LSP 1150 750,00
2018-янв-13 32/3736 Easy Listening Vocalists London Julie Make Love To Me US Liberty LST-7060 3600,00
2018-янв-13 32/3735 Easy Listening Vocalists London Julie Feeling Good UK Liberty LBY 1281 3200,00
2018-янв-13 32/1997 Easy Listening Vocalists Lee Brenda Great Hits Of Lee Brenda Japan MCA Records MCA-9011-12 3200,00
2018-янв-13 32/870 Easy Listening Vocalists Jackson Wanda I Remember Elvis US Cleopatra CLP 2132 1600,00
2018-янв-13 22/11679 Jazz Webster Ben At The Renaissance UK Contemporary Records/Boplicity COP 026 1500,00
2018-янв-13 22/11659 Jazz Hubbard Freddie A Soul Experiment US Atlantic SD 1526 2500,00
2018-янв-13 22/11283 Jazz Lee Peggy & Fitzgerald Ella Songs From Pete Kelly's Blues UK Ace Of Hearts AH.26 1600,00
2018-янв-13 22/12385 Jazz Reinhardt Django Djangologie - 16 (1947-1949) France Pathe Marconi EMI 2C 054-16.016 2000,00
2018-янв-13 22/5918 Jazz Sims Zoot Sims Zoot And The Gershwin Brothers US Pablo 2310-744 1000,00
2018-янв-13 22/6076 Jazz Eberly Bob and O'Connell Helen Recapturing The Excitement Of The Jimmy Dorsey Era US Warner Bros. Records WS 1403 1200,00
2018-янв-13 22/5998 Jazz New Orleans Quarter Christmas Jazz Germany NOQ-Records NOQ-R 2 750,00
2018-янв-12 1/1679 Blues Waters Muddy They Call Me Waters Muddy Italy Chess/Green Line Records GCH 8109 2200,00
2018-янв-12 29/3578 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Hammerhead Sin Eater Germany High Roller Records HRR 434 1700,00
2018-янв-12 29/3576 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore KMFDM Hell Yeah Germany Ear music 0212207EMU 2800,00
2018-янв-12 29/3575 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Gogol Bordello Seekers and Finders EU Cooking Vinyl/Casa Gogol Records 711297517415 / COOKLP674 3000,00
2018-янв-12 29/3574 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Godin Nicolas (AIR) Contrepoint EU Because Music 0825646052554 2700,00
2018-янв-12 29/3573 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Godin Nicolas (AIR) Widerstehe Doch Der Sunde France Because Music 5060421562353 1600,00
2018-янв-12 29/3572 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Linkin Park Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes EU Warner Bros. Records 093624921820 3000,00
2018-янв-12 29/3570 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Laibach Also Sprach Zarathustra EU Mute 5414939955839 / STUMM401 2900,00
2018-янв-12 29/3569 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Foo Fighters Concrete And Gold EU Roswell / RCA / Sony Music 889854560119 2900,00
2018-янв-12 28/3186 New Wave Numan Gary Savage: Songs From A Broken World EU BMG 538307451 3600,00
2018-янв-12 30/4316 Indie synthi-pop avantgard Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill (30th Anniversary Edition) EU Def Jam Recordings 602547820754 2400,00
2018-янв-12 30/4315 Indie synthi-pop avantgard Grizzly Bear Painted Ruins EU RCA 88985-43579-1 2500,00
2018-янв-12 30/4313 Indie synthi-pop avantgard National Sleep Well Beast EU 4AD 4AD0020LPE 2800,00
2018-янв-12 30/4311 Indie synthi-pop avantgard Pixies Surfer Rosa US 4AD CAD 803 2300,00
2018-янв-12 30/4310 Indie synthi-pop avantgard Manic Street Preachers Send Away The Tigers EU Columbia 889854164317 2900,00
2018-янв-12 30/4307 Indie synthi-pop avantgard Warsaw (pre- Joy Division) Same Netherlands Vinyl Passion/DMM Cutting VP 80000 1500,00
2018-янв-12 30/4306 Indie synthi-pop avantgard White Stripes Complete John Peel Sessions USA & Europe Third Man Records TMR-375 4000,00
2018-янв-12 26/4041 Pop Music Of The 80s Modern Talking Back For Gold - The New Versions EU Sony Music 889854347017 2100,00
2018-янв-12 26/199 Pop Music Of The 80s Sheeran Ed Songs I Wrote With Amy EU Gingerbread Man Records/Atlantic 0825646042449 2200,00
2018-янв-12 6/1480 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Simon Paul There Goes Rhymin' Simon EU Columbia 889854224110 2300,00
2018-янв-12 31/702 Hip-Hop Dexter Hi-Hat Club (Vol.3): The Jazz Files Germany Melting Pot Music 673793308914 / MPM089 1600,00
2018-янв-12 31/695 Hip-Hop Action Bronson Mr. Wonderful EU Vice Records 075678670633 1900,00
2018-янв-12 31/1141 Hip-Hop Drake Views EU Cash Money Records/Republic Records 602547973368 2500,00
2018-янв-12 32/1932 Easy Listening Vocalists Mansfield Jayne Busts Up Las Vegas EU Not Now Music NOTLP203 1600,00
2018-янв-12 33/1213 France Italy Europe Celentano Adriano & Mina Le Migliori EU Clan Celentano 889854242510 / CLN 2118 2700,00
2018-янв-12 49/940 Classical Vocal Kaufmann Jonas/Orchestra e Coro dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (dir. Pappano Antonio) Nessun Dorma - The Puccini Album EU Sony Classical 888750924919 2500,00
2018-янв-12 35/999 Soundtracks Allen Woody Allen Woody & La Musique: De Manhattan A Midnight In Paris France Milan 399 612-2 2400,00
2018-янв-12 35/998 Soundtracks Various Artists Twin Peaks - Music From The Limited Event Series EU Rhino 081227933975 2500,00
2018-янв-12 25/3061 Old Disco Europop Boney M Kalimba De Luna - 16 Happy Songs EU Sony Music 889854092016 2100,00
2018-янв-12 25/3057 Old Disco Europop Boney M Oceans Of Fantasy EU Sony Music 889854092412 2100,00
2018-янв-12 25/3055 Old Disco Europop Boney M Boonoonoonoos EU Sony Music 889854092214 2100,00
2018-янв-12 1/1678 Blues Hart Beth Screamin' For My Supper EU Music On Vinyl MOVLP932 2900,00
2018-янв-12 1/1677 Blues Simo Let Love Show The Way EU Provogue PRD 7476 1 2000,00
2018-янв-12 34/181 Groove of the 70s 80s 90s Fatboy Slim You've Come A Long Way, Baby EU Skint BRASSIC 011LPS 3600,00
2018-янв-12 5/10634 Rock G-P Related Projects Led Zeppelin 4 EU Atlantic 081227964337 2400,00
2018-янв-12 5/10633 Rock G-P Related Projects Jethro Tull Songs From The Wood EU Chrysalis 0190295847852 1900,00
2018-янв-12 5/10463 Rock G-P Related Projects Led Zeppelin 3 EU Atlantic 081227965761 1900,00
2018-янв-12 5/10462 Rock G-P Related Projects Hendrix Jimi Experience Hendrix - The Best Of Hendrix Jimi EU Experience Hendrix 88985447871 2600,00
2018-янв-12 5/10377 Rock G-P Related Projects Petty Tom & The Heartbreakers Echo EU Warner Bros. Records 093624920250 2500,00
2018-янв-12 5/10376 Rock G-P Related Projects Petty Tom & The Heartbreakers She's The One - Songs And Music From The Motion Picture EU Warner Bros. Records 525243-1 1600,00
2018-янв-12 5/10375 Rock G-P Related Projects Newman Randy Dark Matter USA, Canada & Europe Nonesuch 558563-1 1900,00
2018-янв-12 5/10373 Rock G-P Related Projects Pink Floyd Ummagumma EU Pink Floyd Records PFRLP4 / 0825646493166 2600,00
2018-янв-12 2/2276 Rock-N-Roll Twist Berry Chuck Complete Chess Singles As & Bs 1955-1961 EU Real Gone RGMLP020 2600,00
2018-янв-12 22/11184 Jazz Coltrane John Trane: The Atlantic Collection EU Atlantic/Rhino 081227940683 1900,00
2018-янв-12 22/11084 Jazz May Imelda Love Tattoo EU Music On Vinyl MOVLP1591 2400,00
2018-янв-12 22/11058 Jazz Cinematic Orchestra Man With A Movie Camera EU Ninja Tune ZEN18 2400,00
2018-янв-12 22/10347 Jazz Cinematic Orchestra Motion UK Ninja Tune ZEN 45 3600,00
2018-янв-12 22/10327 Jazz Waldron Mal / Friesen David Dedication Italy Soul Note 121 178-1 1600,00
2018-янв-12 22/6119 Jazz Cohen Avishai Trio From Darkness EU Razdaz Recordz RDLP4616 2800,00
2018-янв-12 4/3441 Rock A-F Young Neil Comes A Time (Neil Young Archives Special Release Series - Disc 10) EU Reprise 093624917588 1900,00
2018-янв-12 4/1566 Rock A-F Deep Purple Graz 1975 (Official Deep Purple (Overseas) Live Series) Germany Hear Music 0209624ERE 2500,00
2018-янв-12 18/5673 Heavy metal Exumer Possessed By Fire Germany High Roller Records HRR 296 2400,00
2018-янв-12 18/5671 Heavy metal Hobbs Angel Of Death Heaven Bled Germany High Roller Records HRR 520 2400,00
2018-янв-12 18/5670 Heavy metal Cloven Hoof Who Mourns For The Morning Star Germany High Roller Records HRR 536 2000,00
2018-янв-12 18/5669 Heavy metal Screamer Hell Machine Germany High Roller Records HRR 533 2000,00
2018-янв-12 18/5668 Heavy metal Manilla Road Open The Gates Germany High Roller Records HRR 228 2000,00
2018-янв-12 18/5666 Heavy metal Living Death Metal Revolution Germany High Roller Records HRR 335 1700,00
2018-янв-12 18/5665 Heavy metal Screamer Adrenaline Distractions Germany High Roller Records HRR 206 1700,00
2018-янв-12 18/5664 Heavy metal Screamer Phoenix Germany High Roller Records HRR 285 1700,00
2018-янв-12 15/4192 Progressive Can Unlimited Edition EU Spoon XSPOON23/24 3000,00
2018-янв-12 15/4191 Progressive Rodriguez Sixto Coming From Reality US Light In The Attic LITA 038 3200,00
2018-янв-12 15/4190 Progressive King Crimson Live In Toronto USA, Canada & Europe Discipline Global Mobile KCLPBX501 13000,00
2018-янв-12 18/5663 Heavy metal VolBeat Strength / The Sound / The Songs EU Mascot records M 7174 5 2000,00
2018-янв-12 18/5662 Heavy metal Cradle of Filth Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay EU Nuclear Blast NB 3805-4 4000,00
2018-янв-12 18/5661 Heavy metal Arch Enemy Will To Power EU Century Media 889854583712 2800,00
2018-янв-12 18/5660 Heavy metal Queensryche Empire UK Back On Black BOBV483LP 2900,00
2018-янв-12 18/5659 Heavy metal Angel Witch Same US Real Gone Music RGM-0471 3200,00
2018-янв-12 18/5658 Heavy metal Cinderella Night Songs EU Music On Vinyl MOVLP1579 2400,00
2018-янв-12 18/5657 Heavy metal Obituary Inked In Blood US Relapse RR7296 3000,00
2018-янв-12 18/5656 Heavy metal Guns N' Roses California Radio Broadcast - Live At The Perkins Palace, Pasadena December 1987 - FM Broadcast EU Bad Joker BOSS5-2037 1800,00
2018-янв-12 18/3082 Heavy metal Paradise Lost (Anathema, My Dying Bride) Medusa EU Nuclear Blast NB 3797-4 5400,00
2018-янв-12 30/3790 Indie synthi-pop avantgard Hurts Desire EU Sony Music 889854319519 2600,00
2018-янв-12 18/1302 Heavy metal Black Country Communion (Hughes Glenn, Bonamassa Joe, Sherinian Derek, Bonham Jason) BCCIV EU Mascot records M 75321 2800,00
2018-янв-12 5/10372 Rock G-P Related Projects Gilmour David (Pink Floyd) Live At Pompeii EU Columbia 889854649715 7000,00
2018-янв-12 26/4040 Pop Music Of The 80s Beyonce Lemonade EU Parkwood Entertainment 889854467517 2600,00
2018-янв-12 6/9892 Rock Q-Z Related Projects Springsteen Bruce High Hopes EU Columbia 88843015461 2100,00
2018-янв-12 28/2361 New Wave New Order Movement EU London 825646887972 2100,00
2018-янв-12 29/2595 Punk Alternative industrial grunge hardcore Queens of the Stone Age Villains EU Matador OLE-1125-0 4000,00
2018-янв-12 26/4039 Pop Music Of The 80s Twain Shania Now EU Mercury Nashville 602557705270 3600,00
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