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Welcome to "Sound Barrier" vynil records shop !

Our shop offers all kinds of second-hand vinyl records - LP, EP etc. You can buy the used records of your choice directly from our store by visiting us at Leninsky pr. 70/11, Moscow, Russia - or by submitting an online order. The condition of each second-hand LP or EP is stated on its corresponding card in the catalog - but please note that most of our used records are in excellent condition.

Total records in catalog: 198,840
Latest month additions (more info)
2024-May-28 Gorillaz; Same
2024-May-28 Doro; Same
2024-May-28 Death; Leprosy
Ленинский проспект, дом 70/11 Москва
Контакты: +7 495 730-52-01, +7 495 318-69-82, +7 916 241-28-30

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